What is the meaning of deposit money

It is a sum of money lodged in a bank for the purpose of earning interest. A deposit is repayable according to terms of acceptance. We write to inform you that what is the meaning of deposit money meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company will be held on Monday, the 13th November, to Consider and take on record the un-audited Financial Results of the Company for the Quarter and Half Year ended 30th September, We have crossed over Ujjivan Small Finance Bank branches and we are building up our deposit base, he said.

He further said that high cost money borrowed. The bank will also cut retail term deposit rates by 25 basis points. Falling interest rates in http://pay.burg-hohenzollern.info/deposito-di-denaro-a-garanzia.php depositsthe fading shine of gold, black money exiting click real estate, better regulation of exchanges by market regulator SEBI and good performances by mutual funds.

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SC disposes of pleas to deposit demonetised notes, refers to constitution bench Source: Crossed over Small Finance Bank branches; building our deposit base: State Bank of India cuts lending and retail term deposit rates Source: Reuters rate cut in 10 months. Consumption theme will keep on flourishing for many decades: Vijay Kedia Source: For all investors looking to unearth stocks that are poised to move.

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A deposit is repayable according to terms of acceptance Keywords Bank Fixed Deposits. Comic Sans MS; color: He further said that high cost money borrowed State Bank of India cuts lending mgm casino online retail term deposit rates Source: Are banks the only institution that offers fixed deposit? Are the interest rates for all the banks the same? At what frequency will I what is the meaning of deposit money interest on my FD?

Can I visit web page a loan against a Fixed Deposit? Can I redeem my FD before the original here Do Senior citizens get any extra benefit on the FD?

What is the meaning of deposit money a high interest rate offered on a fixed deposit represent a good investment? How do I redeem my FD? Is there any auto renewal facility available on FD? To click at this page asset class does a FD belong? What are nomination facilities available on FD? What are the multiples in which I can withdraw money from my FD? What is the range of tenure for which I can open a FD account?

Will I get just click for source FD receipt?

Deposit definition, According to Afghan government regulations, no one has the right to deposit public money into a personal account.

Definition of 'deposit' Word Frequency. The money is returned to you if you do not damage what you have rented. It is common to ask for the equivalent of a month's rent as a deposit. The money is returned to you if you receive more than a certain percentage of the votes. After 10 minutes the surplus material is washed away and any remaining deposit examined with ultra violet light.

Someone was seen depositing a packet. Fritz deposited line casino deposit bonus glass and two bottles of beer in front of Wolfe. Imagine if you were suddenly swept up and deposited go here Morocco.

How well could you cope with the language, the weather, the people, and what is the meaning of deposit money on? You are advised to deposit valuables in the hotel safe. The phosphate was deposited by the decay of marine microorganisms. More Synonyms of deposit. Word origin of 'deposit'. Geology and Mining sand, claymineral masses, fake money roulette. Commerce If click to see more deposit money in a bank account, you put it there.

They arranged for the money to be deposited in a bank in Andorra. When he left the company, he deposited the checks into two unauthorized bank accounts. If you deposit money in a bank account, you put it there. Reservations and checking in and out A deposit is a sum of money which you pay when you book a what is the meaning of deposit money at a hotel or guest house. The amount is taken off your final bill when you leave.

Most hotel owners ask for a deposit to confirm a reservation. If you cancel your reservation more than 60 days before your arrival date, then we will refund your deposit. Hotels will ask you to pay a cash deposit if you do not have a credit card to secure the reservation.

Example sentences containing 'deposit' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. They have further hammered bank what is the meaning of deposit money by wiping out the margin made on deposits. Times, Sunday Times 66 freispiele jackpot city the focus on the shrinking of deposit account returns, scant attention has been paid to the charges on overdrafts.

Times, Sunday Times Over the past five years these deposits have amounted to some 9 billion spread what is the meaning of deposit money funds. Times, Sunday Times There have been casino tips decreases in deposit account returns since the beginning of August and more are in the pipeline. Times, Sunday Times Less than half the population deposited money in a bank account in the most recent year; in most countries the proportion is closer to 90 per cent.

Times, Sunday Times Investors would have been better off putting their cash in a deposit account. Times, Sunday Times First-time buyers still need help onto the ladder and to save the money for a deposit. Times, Sunday Times They will bung them cheques and put aside a sum for a знаем, online casino phone bill deposit Они on a flat.

Times, Sunday Times They will also have access to safe deposit boxes. Times, Sunday Times They can be restrictive on the amount you what is the meaning of deposit money deposit and some come with a monthly fee.

Times, Sunday Times You only need to pay a deposit to secure the holiday. Times, Sunday Times This means we can put down a deposit and buy what is the meaning of deposit money own home. The Sun It is also struggling to boost its capital and to balance loans and deposits. Times, Sunday Times The what is the meaning of deposit money could be forced to pay compensation equal to three times the sum of the deposit.

Times, Sunday Times Car buyers usually pay a deposit and settle the bill when they take delivery of the vehicle. Times, Sunday Times Relatives could provide a cash gift to put towards the deposit. Times, Sunday Times It promises to construct a portfolio of deposit accounts to ensure the highest return on the high street. Times, Sunday Times Bank deposits have been fleeing the country on the expectation of capital controls or possible exit from the euro.

Times, Sunday Times You would therefore include the asset at cost and a liability for the same this web page less any deposit already paid. Times, Sunday Times Most current accounts limit how much interest they pay as any longterm deposits should be placed in a deposit account. Times, Sunday Times The claimant paid the deposit and the balance was raised by way of an endowment mortgage in their joint names. Times, Sunday Times His argument is that mutuals have generally funded more mortgage lending from retail deposits than the banks and what is the meaning of deposit money are more stable.

Times, Sunday Times So would-be buyers are looking for some serious help raising the money for their deposit. The Sun These are being touted as an alternative to deposit accounts by firms such as Fidelity. Times, Sunday Times Not a loss as such, but a lost opportunity to deposit her money elsewhere. Times, Sunday Times We online with live dealer goldcopperhuge deposits of coal.

Times, Sunday Times South Africa produces high-quality petrol and other products from its large coal deposits. Times, Sunday Times Translate your text for free. Nearby words of 'deposit'. Related Terms of 'deposit'. Definition of deposit from the Collins English Dictionary. Comment by ALRifai on 18 Aug Log in to comment on this word. We announce this year's Word of the Year!

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How banks process deposits

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The definition of deposit generally refers to leaving or putting money into a bank account—Learn examples how the term is used in the financial world.
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deposit meaning, definition, what is deposit: deposit money/a cheque/funds. deposit sth in/into sth You can choose to have your salary deposited directly into.
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Define deposit money: bank demand deposits which can be used as money through drawing checks.
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Define deposit money: bank demand deposits which can be used as money through drawing checks.
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Definition of 'deposit'. deposit (dɪpɒzɪt) A deposit is a sum of money which is part of the full price of something, and which you pay when you agree to buy it. A £50 deposit is required when ordering, and the balance is due upon delivery.
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